Through this ministry, choir members and instrumentalists musically enhance the Liturgy. Adult Choir, Cantors, Instrumentalists, Youth and Young Adult Choir, and Singing Angels are all part of the music ministry. There are weekly rehearsals. Contact Paul Hillebrand, Music Director, at (480) 998-3843 x 212 or Jill Bagshaw, Music and Liturgy Assistant, at (480) 998-3843 x 209. Interviews are available to discern your gifts.

  • Adult Choir: Weekly rehearsals from September-May.
  • Cantors: Must be vocally gifted and able to lead the community in sung prayer.
  • Instrumentalists (all types): Seasonally and for regular schedule.
  • Youth and Young Adult Choir: Grades 9 and up; weekly rehearsals at 4:00 PM before 5:00 PM Sunday liturgy.
  • Singing Angels: Children from grades 1-8 who sing at Mass once a month and on special occasions. Sign-ups are on a first come basis twice a year. Limited enrollment; weekly rehearsals September-May.

Ministry Leader: Paul Hillebrand
Phone Number: (480) 998-3843 x 212