Confirmation & First Eucharist

Children who were baptized as infants and have reached grade 3 may prepare for the Sacraments of Confirmation & First Eucharist. Children must have prior religious education & be enrolled in Christian Formation.


Sacrament Preparation begins early in the fall each year. As a child approaches readiness to celebrate a sacrament, parents take the initiative to participate in the process of preparation. The ongoing support and example of parents—supported by the parish programs—along with the witness, support and prayers of the parish community are all needed to prepare children for a life as members of the Church. Preparing for a sacrament is understood as a faith journey that begins a considerable time before the celebration of the sacrament and continues well beyond the day of the event. The Diocese of Phoenix encourages its parishes to begin preparation for First Confession (Penance, Reconciliation) with children in grade 2 and for Confirmation and First Eucharist in grade 3. 

Contact for more information:

Renee Genetti at (480) 998-3843 x 223 or email