Safe Environment

Our commitment to protecting all in ministry

We have over 130 ministries... and they are all because of YOU! We thank you for your commitment to creating a safe environment for our community.

Our Commitment

St. Patrick Catholic Community is committed to creating a safe space for everyone on our campus. Through participation in the Diocese of Phoenix’s Safe Environment program, we help ensure the protection of vulnerable individuals through ongoing training and best practices around our campus and in our ministries.

All who minister in the name of St. Patrick must complete Safe Environment Training (SET). An initial foundation course is required for anyone new to ministry or for those who have let their SET certification lapse. A background check is also included and rerun every 6 years. Once the foundation training is completed, ministers will be required to take an annual renewal training. The Safe Environment calendar runs yearly from July 1 through June 30. Ministry leaders will remind ministers each summer as the new online renewal curriculum is released online.

We appreciate your commitment to creating a safe environment for everyone at our parish. Please use the links below to access the CMG website to either create a new profile or access an existing one. Instructions for the Foundation Training and Online Renewal are included as well.

Thank you again. We appreciate you!


If you have any questions or need assistance completing your Safe Environment Training, please contact the SET coordinator