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Light to the World

How interesting it is that we recall certain events that happened so long ago.When I was a very young boy, I was terribly afraid of the dark.My mother had some friends that lived across the street ...
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First Down with Fr. Eric (November 13, 2022)

Dear Friends,  Our Parish Fall Festival was a great success. We estimated by the amount of food that was eaten, the candy given out, and the numbers of children and youth that attended, t...
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I am fascinated by rhythms - the ebb and flow of things. I think I finally have the rhythm of the best time to plant tomatoes here in Arizona (never!). There is a rhythm in academia, sports, electi...
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Social Justice

As the Social Justice and Outreach Coordinator, I get many opportunities to witness the great generosity of our parishioners and others in the community all throughout the year! I was amazed once a...
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Family Traditions

As I was reading this week's readings, particularly the first reading, I realized how God was speaking to me differently because of my surroundings. So many times we listen to the readings for the ...
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