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First Down with Fr. Eric (July 14, 2024)

Dear Friends,When one finds oneself dealing with a serious issue, crisis, or serious health concern there is so much to deal with. One can become occupied with the many tasks that need to be done a...
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First Down with Fr. Eric (July 7, 2024)

Dear Friends,This past Thursday, July 4th, our country celebrated Independence Day. One can celebrate the birth of our nation and the freedom we have been given as a people of this country. &n...
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First Down with Fr. Eric (June 30, 2024)

Dear Friends,This past Father’s Day at every Mass we invited all Fathers forward to surround the altar. (We also do this on Mother’s Day). First of all, I need to state that I am so impressed ...
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Treasured and Pondered in the Heart

This weekend we celebrated the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. Sometimes it can be difficult for those of us who are male and not mothers to connect with Mary’s story, but ...
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First Down with Fr. Eric (January 1, 2023)

Dear Friends,Happy New Year! Reaching milestones is a common experience for human beings. We use the measurement of time to give structure to how we might view our lives. We begin the new year...
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