St. Patrick Bible Story Time Podcast – Episode 7: The Finding of moses

Episode 7: The Finding of Moses  

Read by: Kay Van Dyke, St. Patrick lector 


Welcome to the Bible Storytime podcast, a production of St. Patrick Catholic Community. Today we hear the unusual story of baby Moses and how his mother saved him in a most unusual way and surprised an Egypian princess.


We believe in sharing the stories of the Bible with the next generation. By telling our shared “family stories,” we may learn better how God wishes to work in our lives. This project brings together adult and teen lectors from our community, staff and clergy to tell these exciting and dramatic stories, particularly to children ages 3-8, but to be enjoyed by all.  


These stories come from the Read-Aloud Book of Bible Stories written by Amy Steedman and published by Sophia Institute Press.


This episode was engineered by Chad Carpenter and features original music by Payton Bagshaw. 


This project is made possible by our community’s faithful Giving, Praying, and Serving. It is our gift to help you strengthen your journey as a Christian Disciple in Mission.