Other Opportunities to Support the Parish

You Shop. You Save. We All Win!

At St. Patrick, we are always looking for ways to offer more to our parishioners and guests that help support the parish too. Here are 4 new ways you can take advantage of discounts on purchases and services that you, in most cases, already use, and which will send a percentage of your purchase back to St. Patrick. It’s a win-win! You receive a discounted price on your purchase, or low, competitive rates on services, and St. Patrick gets a check in the mail!

When you shop at smile.amazon.com  and choose St Patrick Roman Catholic Parish Scottsdale as your “charity” partner, 0.5% of every purchase will come to St. Patrick through the Amazon Foundation. Want to see how easy this is? Here is an email we recently received:

St Patrick Roman Catholic Parish Scottsdale has been issued a $66.84 donation from the AmazonSmile Foundation as a result of AmazonSmile program activity between October 1 and December 31, 2015.

We got this before we even started to let the parish know this program existed. I wonder what we will get now that word it out?!


Do hate having to run to the grocery store to buy greeting cards for every occasion, then get stamps and run them to the mailbox? Well, you won’t have to anymore! Shop for quality greeting cards online at GiveWrite Cards and you’ll never need to go to the store or mailbox again.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Set up an account at GiveWrite Cards.
  2. Choose a card appropriate for your family member’s or friend’s occasion from the library of cards.
  3. Customize your message.
  4. Complete the To and From addresses.
  5. Then check out.
  6. Your greeting card gets printed at one of the GiveWrite printing facilities nation-wide, placed in an envelope and MAILED.
  7. Your family member or friend receives your greeting card in the mail in just a few days.

The great thing about GiveWrite is that St. Patrick receives $1.00 for every card purchased through GiveWrite Cards.

Did you know that the average family sends and receives up to 30 cards per year. If we had just 10% of our parish families send only 10 cards per year, St. Patrick would receive $4,500 per year! Think of things we could do, programs we could sponsor, people we could serve, with that extra money.


  • Are you thinking about purchasing a car this year?
  • Do you need a new credit card with a low rate?
  • Are you considering a Business or Student Loan?

Take advantage of the low, low rates from Notre Dame Federal Credit Union and its ELEVATE program! St. Patrick will receive a check at the end of every month when one of our parishioners takes advantage of one of their services.

According to national statistics, it’s likely that 20% of the cars parked for Mass on Sunday will be replaced within the next 12 months. Even if 1/3 of our parishioners were to use ELEVATE to finance their next car, we would easily raise thousands of dollars for our parish.

Go to www.ndelevate.com or call Dan Minton, at 480-998-3843 for more information.


Have you ever heard of SCRIP? Scrip is a way for people to shop for things they use on a regular basis (like gas, grocery, retail, food, etc.) then those merchants donate a percentage of the purchase back to the charity partner of the buyer’s choice. eScrip is an online shopping site where you can create an account, make purchases and then St. Patrick receives money from those merchants.

You can also register your credit and debit cards on the site, so that every time you make a purchase at one of your favorite retailers, St. Patrick will get a donation!

  • Shop Online
  • Find Merchants
  • Dine Out
  • Book Travel
  • Book a Cruise

eScrip also has an app you can download for your smartphone to make the shopping and saving process even easier! eScrip even has deals at local merchants you visit in our community!

Go to eScrip.com for more information and to download the app!   Click HERE for Monthly Savings Opportunities!