Stewardship at St. Patrick

Stewardship at St. Patrick

Stewardship at St. Patrick is more than time, talent and treasure. In fact, we’ve gotten rid of those nouns and turned them into verbs. Stewardship at St. Patrick is action. It is GPS; Giving, Praying and Serving!

We all know what a GPS device is and what it does for us. It directs us to arrive somewhere. Stewardship GPS does the same thing. By Giving, Praying and Serving, we are directed to God, to Jesus and to the Holy Spirit.

We don’t choose which of the actions to do. We do all three, knowing that PRAYER is at the center of everything we do. Start with creating a habit of prayer, that should move you to serving others, then you’ll be open to giving back to God from gratitude and a need to give. You might even be drawn to prayer through act of service to someone. Either way, you’ll begin to see the connections to God.

Welcome to Stewardship GPS at St. Patrick.


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