Introduction to Social Justice

What is Social Justice?

Perhaps the most constant task facing people in ministry is to nurture an inner sense of solidarity or concern, which is the link between awareness and action. The more clearly the call to peace and justice is experienced as a call from Jesus, the more likely a person is to respond. Personal encounters with people are a positive motivator! We can increase our ability to hear and respond to this call through biblical, contemplative, liturgical prayer, and fasting.

Social Justice is an active ministry focused on community organization to affect the social teachings of the Church.The ministry organizes and develops relationships with local leaders to address community issues and needs. Members are engaged with strategic efforts to impact local and legislative decisions affecting the poor and vulnerable, as well as community needs.

Mary Permoda

Director of Pastoral Activities
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Barb Nicol
Coordinator of Social Justice and Outreach Ministry
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The Two Feet of Love in Action

The Foot of Justice

This foot is removing root causes of injustice in our world and improving social structures in our society.

“Social justice. . . concerns the social, political, and economic aspects and, above all, the structural dimension of problems and their respective solutions.” (Compendium No. 201)


  • Expand access to affordable housing in the community
  • Work to improve the education system
  • Extend legal protection to unborn children
  • Support environmental protection laws
  • Participate in a living wage campaign
  • Promote peace
  • Advocate for international assistance

We are committed as a community to work toward justice in our world. We have many ministries that allow parishioners to work with like-minded individuals in a number of sectors.

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The Foot of Charity

This foot focuses on meeting basic needs and aiding individuals.

“To [those who lack what they need to live a dignified life] are proclaimed glad tidings that God loves them…and comes to visit them through the charitable works that the disciples of Christ do in his name… As we can read in Matthew 25, we shall all be judged on this.” (Pope Francis)


  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  • Tutor children
  • Assist women who face a crisis pregnancy
  • Participate in a community beautification program
  • Donate to food pantries and clothing closets
  • Sponsor a refugee family
  • Raise money for an overseas development program

We are committed to being Christ’s hands and feet on Earth, and we have a number of ministries that work to bring comfort and aid to our community.

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