Elementary Sacrament Prep Registration 23-24

Welcome to Sacrament Preparation for 2nd thru 5th grade at St Patrick Catholic Community!  We're so happy to walk with you and your family in this process.  (If you are looking for sacraments for 6th through 12th grade, sacrament prep happens within the programs of EDGE (6th - 8th) or Life Teen (9th - 12th). You may register for those programs here.) 

Please note the following reminders:

Families must be registered in the parish.  (If you need to register as a member of the parish, you may do so here.)
Students must also be registered for one of the following formation programs as they go through Sacrament Prep:  

  1. St Patrick Family Faith Formation
  2. St Patrick Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS/Atrium) 
  3. St Patrick ROCK 45
  4. Attending a Diocesan school receiving formation

If you haven't already registered for one of the above formation programs, you may register here.  You will also have the ability to register for a package within this registration that will include the sacrament along with Family Faith Formation.  

Sacrament Prep - $60
Package - Family Faith Formation plus Sacrament Prep - $195

Money should never be an obstacle to your youth's formation. If you need assistance, please contact Renee.

If you have any questions regarding Elementary Sacrament registration or the program itself, please contact Renee Genetti at rgenetti@stpatcc.org or 480-998-3843 x-223.

How many students will you be registering?