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Merry Christmas!

Use the folder on this page to listen to or download some free music! Once you have downloaded, you can add it to your digital library, play from your computer, phone or other digital music device.

About the musicians:

Paul Hillebrand is a nationally recognized musical artist and a published composer. He is our Director of Music! Paul is sharing with you a few Christmas songs from various releases and a BRAND NEW recording made especially for this gift! Visit for more from Paul.

Adam Stein is our Coordinator of Communications and a long time musician. He, along with his wife Edel and brother-in-law, Rocky, are sharing two songs from “Adam, Edel & Rocky: Mass at Midnight.” This entire Christmas CD is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, CDBaby, and basically anywhere you can listen to music. You will also find Adam, Edel & Rocky leading the music at “In the Presence of (In Presenza Di),” which is a night of praise, worship, teaching and adoration regularly offered here at the parish.


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