The Water Drive is Over! – The Problem… not so much.

Once again the St. Patrick Catholic Community has generated love that is beyond measure – however, there was a bit of measuring that went on. The 2018 Water Drive collected bottles and funding that produced 364,296 bottles of water! Thank you for your generosity. That water was shared between local agencies and will provide relief to many in need.

The generosity of the St. Patrick community was enhanced by larger community partners including the Safeway on Pinnacle Peak and Scottsdale Road – who gave a fabulous price on cases of water, Ajo Al’s on 90th St. – who donated one dollar per specialty water drink through the month of June and Company Nurse in Scottsdale who did an office collection with company match. Way to showcase Living Beyond Sunday!

And yet, Arizona continues to set records for heat related deaths. The excerpts below come from the article cited. If you are able to take a moment to read the article you will find interesting information about why the temps keep climbing, obstacles that people face in trying to stay cool and hydrated, ideas the city is contemplating to remedy the situation and how your donations are wonderfully assisting. The article shows the two feet of social justice – charity and justice. Also, included below is a link to the Maricopa Association of Government (MAG) website which lists the hydration and collection station information. Maybe during the remaining hotter months you might consider dropping off a case or two of water at one of the locations.

“The threat has grown all too real. In 2016, 150 people in metro Phoenix died of heat-related causes, the largest annual number since agencies started counting. So many deaths from one apparent cause would count as a natural disaster if they occurred all at once.”

“Many of its victims live in poorer neighborhoods that lack shade and cooling grasses. Some, lacking the money for an air-conditioner, have only old-style evaporative coolers, or no home cooling at all. Others have air-conditioners but not the cash to pay hundreds of dollars a month to run them in summer.”

“Maricopa County has tracked heat-related deaths for about a decade, and the numbers have risen sharply in recent years until 2016’s peak at 150. In 2017 the final figures may climb even higher. So far, the county has either confirmed or is investigating 183 suspected heat deaths.”

In closing, thank you again to all who led the drive, worked the drive, donated to the drive, and supported the mission of St. Patrick Catholic Community. You have all made a difference for others… let’s continue it and be Christian Disciples in Mission who are Living Beyond Sunday!