The Grace of God in Unexpected Places (by Ann Weiss)

We all hear the stories of other people and their journey to a deeper sense of purpose in life. Some of us have wondered, “Why hasn’t that happened to me? Where was God in my life when I needed Him the most?”

Many years ago I found myself in a very dark place with toxic relationships and facing a personal crisis that brought me to my knees. Suffering my whole life from migraine headaches, this one took me to a place begging God to simply show me a way out. Next I found myself headed to church (as you know many people don’t come unless it’s a last resort!). As a child I was brought up in a home across the street from St. Rose of Lima in my small town of 562 people. It was always a source of family and comfort, and lots of music!

So I dragged myself to the local church, sat in a daily Mass and I heard the words we say before communion loud and clear – “Lord I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the Word and my soul shall be healed.” Of course the new translation is slightly different now, but for the very first time I HEARD and understood those words. Asked myself if I truly believed it and broke down in a puddle of tears and couldn’t move. On the way back from communion a woman laid her hand on my shoulder and said, ”Don’t worry, Jesus hears you.” As if on cue, the weight of my distress lifted out of my body and mind and I knew that God was real, here in my midst. We all have the opportunity to be that woman for someone else daily. Don’t miss the chance to be that grace of God as one never knows the difference you might make in the life of someone truly in need.

– Ann