For all the seeds and trees (by Jacob DeRusha)

A few weeks ago, for Mother’s Day weekend, I got to travel back home to spend time with my mom. These trips are usually filled with tons of board games, cards, and movies with the whole family. The best part about these trips is honestly just to be with family whatever we end up doing.

My parents have moved into a few different homes in New Mexico since I was born but the one that I spent most of my younger childhood in has always intrigued me (probably because of the various memories I have of causing mischief there.) This particular weekend my mom and I decided to drive up to that house to see if anyone was home and would possibly be able to allow us in to see the house. My mom is more of the talker so I designated her to do the talking beforehand if someone was home.

We knocked and waited for a few minutes but nobody answered. Our curious appetite had not yet been satisfied so before leaving we decided to see if we could peak over the fence to see what the backyard looked like. As our heads peaked over the adobe wall surrounding the backyard our eyes were met with a luscious green array of trees and plants, many of which were planted when my dad built the house 25 years prior.

The interesting thing is that when I was a kid there I remember the space being more arid. The same trees were there but they had yet to grow into what they were meant to become. I think sometimes on our own spiritual pilgrimage when we plant new trees or seeds it might feel a little bit awkward or just different. However, when we continue to “keep and till” those spiritual trees along the way, we can co-create something beautiful with God.

So my prayer is one of gratitude for all the seeds and trees that have been planted in me throughout my own life pilgrimage that have allowed me to experience the beauty of life that I have and for the trees that are continually planted that will privilege me the opportunity of encountering God anew on the journey ahead.


– Jacob DeRusha