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I believe that the mission of For the Love of Kids Ministry is to help children. We focus our efforts on thirty teenage girls in 3 group homes. There are thoughts of having more retreats and educational programs as well as expanding our reach into more homes. When I sit and think of all the areas of engagement I cannot forget that we also hold a certified continuing education programs for foster parents on an annual basis. Our team has been asked to attend a retreat later this month to help educate volunteers, from other churches, on how to create and manage a ministry like ours and how to generate congregational engagement.

In our quest to help children we have focused on children that are in the foster system… But, what if we could help children before they are taken into the foster care system? What if there was a way to help families in need before the children had to be removed? What if we could fix the problem and help in the most basic ways? What if the answer to these questions is yes? — This is why we have partnered with the CarePortal. The CarePortal is a notification system. It notifies churches when there is a need for help. We get the notification of a family in crisis, about to lose their children. If we can help that family by filling that need, we do.

So far we, here at St Patrick, have helped fourteen children stay in their home. We helped keep the family intact. We have delivered beds, bedding, cribs, clothing, and basic needs such as formula and diapers. All of this was donated by wonderful people who have agreed to accept an email notification asking for help when a need arises. I cannot describe the emotional power of a hug or a thank you we have received for a simple act of kindness.

We recently were asked to help out the children’s ward at a hospital:

“We had a need to contain a child that would be unsafe to be left in a crib due to fall risk. (The child had accidentally ingested his parent’s drugs). The staff was exhausted taking turns holding this very active toddler in between caring for other patients. I borrowed a rather run down stroller we have in our NICU for similar situations with infants…. One for our Neonatal intensive care unit and one for our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.”

I am proud to say that this need, thanks to our CarePortal email recipients, was satisfied within 2hrs! Praise the Lord for such wonderful people!


“Thank you so much Mark and the St. Patrick Catholic For the Love of Kids Ministry! I am proud to be a member of St. Patrick. Your donation will truly make a difference in the lives of many children and nurses at your community hospital. On behalf of the infants, children and staff here at HonorHealth, we thank you and our humbled by your immediate and generous response!”

Maureen Stepanek, LMSW
HonorHealthShea, Women and Children Social Worker

Will you join us? Receive an email. When you do, if you can help, reply. If you cannot, just give a prayer in support of the family in need. Do you want to learn more? We will have a community engagement meeting for the CarePortal on October 25th at 6:30 pm in Fenlon Hospitality Center.

If you have any questions or would like to join the work of this ministry, please email me.


Thank you.

Mark Wheeler

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