Rethinking Our Ways (by Richard DiCarlo)

Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die
Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die
Nobody speaks to God these days

I’d like to think he’s looking down and laughing at our ways

It takes a lot to change your plans
And a train to change your mind
Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die

These are some words to ponder from the song “Maybe It’s Time” sung by Bradley Cooper in the movie, A Star is Born. The lyrics summarize the personal introspection of his character, Jackson Maine, who is seeking to pivot and transform his life towards a different pathway. The beauty of any song’s lyrics when we hear them is that they can be adapted and used to reflect upon one’s own personal life-situation at a given moment. Are we paying attention, adapting, and allowing change? Or, does it “take a train to change your mind” like the song says?

With the holidays fast approaching, we continue to hear the plethora of panic being fed to us about how the supply chain is in disarray and there may not be enough gift items on the shelves to purchase for Christmas. Buy now! Buy quick! It won’t be the same as in years past!

Well, then, maybe it’s time…to minimize our gift purchasing……to design our holidays where we just sit at the table or the living room and reacquaint ourselves with simple conversation with our guests….and God……without looking at our phones……enjoying and appreciating the time we have with those in our presence….begin new traditions that are not consumed around materialism… re-engage in fellowship. Simplicity at its finest. My heart tells me we will prevail. What a great teaching moment for all of us, too, to recognize that sometimes we must relent to things not in our control.

Maybe it’s time….to shed all the angst that comes with getting the newest and better….to just be present to those around us. Maybe it’s time….to allow a form of rebirth into our holiday priorities. Maybe it’s time…to truly recognize the real gift of family and friendship.

Maybe…it’s…time…to (fill in the blank). I like to think we are being given a breath of fresh air to just relent to simplicity.

– Richard