Recalculating – A Christmas Story

Recalculating – A Christmas Story

Read below or use the player above to hear the story of Zadkiel and Aniel. As angels in the Heavenly Hosts Choir, they were very excited to be heading to earth tonight for this performance of a lifetime, a performance announcing the birth of the greatest king ever!

Written By: Dr. John Konicek


Audio Version

Read By: Torri Winn

Music: Arrangement of “Silent Night” by Rocky Searan from his album “Synthetic Christmas.” Used with permission.

Recorded By: Michelle Harvey

Edited By: Adam G. Stein


Go Beyond the story… 

Fr. Eric & Kevin McGloin will be hosting a special evening event that is open to anyone looking to reconnect with their faith. Have you taken a different path? Do you hear that voice, like your GPS, saying, “Recalculating?” Then join us for one of these two evenings.


Wednesday, January 9 or Monday, January 14

7:00 pm in the Daily Mass Chapel


Christmas Angels Take a Turn for the Worst

Zadkiel and Aniel had been practicing their music for generations.  Aniel excelled at memorizing her lines for the soprano part, whereas Zadkiel had a remarkable range as a tenor.  As angels in the Heavenly Hosts Choir, they were very excited to be heading to earth tonight for this performance of a lifetime, a performance announcing the birth of the greatest king ever.  The lead angel [who went by his professional title, Angel of the Lord]  had kept the exact location of the performance under wraps, but Zadkiel and Aniel had speculated that the announcement would be made to people who were really powerful and profoundly influential. Zadkiel was certain that the prominent Temple Priests would need to be the first to hear the important news.  It was a jewish baby being born after all.  Aniel insisted that the proclamation should go right to the top, to the Roman emperor.  Not the nicest of persons, but none had more power than he did.

The signal came to head out.  Zadkiel and Aniel as section leaders were equipped with a GPS [Gloria Positioning System].  Zadkiel confident of what he thought would be the stopping place entered the location for the Temple.  Aniel, just as certain for her prediction, entered “Rome.” However, as they got closer to earth, the Angel of the Lord texted the actual coordinates.  The voice on Zadkiel’s and Aniel’s GPS cried out, “Recalculating! Recalculating!”  How could they both be wrong?  Dismayed, they followed the directional arrow to the final destination, but it was a field with sheep and shepherds.  Both Zadkiel and Aniel tapped their screens, hoping to correct the obviously bad connection.  This was the wrong place with the wrong people.  Shepherds were undesirables, unclean and living outside the city where dirty people belonged.  They often illegally grazed their flocks on land that didn’t belong to them.  And their animals were involved in a financial scheme with the Temple priests that charged high prices for exclusive sacrifices to God.

Surely they must have taken a wrong turn. Then the Angel of the Lord spoke directly to the shepherds, announcing good news of great joy for all the people.  Born this day is a Savior, the Messiah, the Lord. The Heavenly Hosts Choir on cue launched into a song of praise. “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace among those whom he favors!”  It wasn’t a wrong turn after all.  These lowly ones understood the meaning of the message and immediately spread that message to others, the message of how the earth would be forever set in motion for God’s new direction for humanity.  Where God is leading us is the way of embrace for the lost and the lowly, the downtrodden and the abandoned, the discarded and the dirty.  God’s saving love finds us where we often don’t think it can exist. This Christmas, how will you let the Angel of the Lord recalculate where God is found in your life, especially in the places you would never expect?