Palms, Passion and Accepting Love. (by Brian Cannon)

The love that Jesus gives is not always the love that I want. You might be like me. I’ve had plenty of times in my life where I’ve tried to tell God what to do. After all, I am the world’s premier expert on my own life. But, what I am beginning to realize is that in a true relationship of love, that love must be free. I think that loving freely is far and away the most difficult aspect of love because it means giving permission to the other to love you as they are capable of, not as you would like to be loved.

This is the permission that God gives us time and again. I offer God my imperfect and sometimes misguided love which God faithfully and perpetually accepts freely. I think of the adulation that Jesus received on Palm Sunday as he rode into Jerusalem. He accepts the “hosannas” though he knows they’re only skin deep. He accepts the waving branches and following crowds though I suspect he wishes they would follow him in a different way.

The love that God offers me is perfect love – but not always the love that I want. Were I there, I’d probably be one of the voices telling him not to go to Jerusalem; that it doesn’t have to be this way. I’d prefer my path of following him to not involve the passion and cross. My challenge as a disciple is to freely accept God’s love knowing that it is sometimes wrapped in suffering, but confident that suffering is not meaningless. Resurrection is on my horizon, and then my love will be perfect just like his.