Do you believe? (by John Seliga)

It was late at night when we flew into Cairo. It was too dark to see anything. The next morning we were up before sunrise, and just as the first ray of light shown, I saw the straight line high in the sky. It turned out to be the sun shining off the edge of the Great Pyramid.

I couldn’t believe it – we were that close.

For the next few days we explored Egypt and everyday Fr. Bob found a Catholic place where we had Mass. I proclaimed one of the readings.

I couldn’t believe it.

Crossing the Suez Canal and “coming up out of Egypt” we went North through the Gaza Strip. Palestinian kids with guns bigger than they were met us in white pickup trucks. They escorted us up to the northern border where we crossed the frontier into Israel. We arrived in Jerusalem late at night.

For the next week and a half Fr. Bob found places where our little gang could have Mass.
Jerusalem, Jordan River, Caesarea, Galilee

I couldn’t believe it.

Staying in Caesarea we explored the edge of the Sea of Galilee. At one point we were at a spot just south of Capernaum where we all got on a boat. We were crossing from the East to the West side. The motor of the boat was the only sound as we chugged along a fairly calm sea.
As we got a few miles from shore, a place called Tabka, the ship’s captain announced that he would cut the engines to simulate a quiet sail boat going the rest of the way.

I was standing in the middle of the boat watching the people. I noticed that a few of them were a little teary eyed. I figured it was the wind.
When we got to shore, I asked one of our people about the tears. She said that as she looked out over the Sea of Galilee, and if Jesus was walking on the water and reached out for her to walk to Him, would her faith be strong enough for her to step out of the boat.
It’s a tough one


– John.