Alleluia and Play Ball!

New life begins! We made it through the passion, through death, darkness, pain, and struggle. Now, we celebrate LIFE. Easter is both the end of one story and the beginning of another. Through Jesus’ victory, we have victory.

There are obvious parallels we can draw from Lent to Easter and what we have experienced globally this year during the pandemic… but… let’s talk baseball instead!

I have always loved the Easter Season for many reasons, one of which is simple and a little silly… It coincides with the start of the regular baseball season! I am a huge D’Backs fan. Opening day is a holiday in our house and, since the creation of the Diamondbacks, I have been to every home opener. This tradition started with my dad and me and continues now with my children. In this simple tradition, we celebrate Easter joy, we celebrate life. I am still not sure if we’ll be able to make it in person to the game this year (limited attendance and all), but, we will be watching as a family.

Traditions are important, even the simple, silly ones. From the annual liturgical seasons that walk us through a year, to anniversaries, birthdays, date nights, and opening days, the way we celebrate moments in our lives should be a reminder of the gift of LIFE. They are resurrection moments in day to day living.

The resurrection continues in us and is a reminder to us, and through us, that in our own passions, deaths, pain and sufferings, Christ has won. The next story begins in us. The next season begins. “This is the day that the Lord has made,” so let us carry this Easter joy with us in our hearts always. Celebrate the moments, big and small, that remind us of LIFE. Carry Easter through our daily passions and deaths, knowing that the victory is won, the resurrection has happened, the grave is overwhelmed, and we will rise, because Christ is risen! Alleluia! (What else is there to say at Easter… well… except maybe, “Play ball!”)