Small Groups

Connect as Community

Small Groups have a BIG impact. Small Groups or Small Christian Communities consist of 8-10 people coming together weekly to deepen their relationship with each other and their faith. We offer a variety of small groups that will help deepen your faith and connect it with daily life, all while growing in community with others.


Join a conversation!  Alpha is a series of group conversations that explore the basics of the Christian faith.  Everyone's welcome.  You're invited, no matter your background or beliefs.  

Enjoy a meal and connect with new people.  Watch an episode on a question of faith.  Share your thoughts and hear from others.

Food Insecurity

A JustFaith small group program that explores the root causes of food insecurity in our country and how people of faith can respond.  You'll gain a deeper understanding of how food and farming policies impact people, how "food deserts" can form within neighborhoods, how racism can drive deficits in nutrition, and other topics.  8 two hour sessions plus one immersion experience.

Sacred Water: Oceans and Ecosystems

A JustFaith small group program that focuses on water being central both to our Christian theology and to our survival.  Sacred Water: Oceans and Ecosystems guides small groups in discerning how they can better care for the earth's waters, as well as the creatures and communities who live in and around them.  8 Two-hour sessions plus one immersion experience.

RESTORED: Stories of Encounter + Centering Prayer

Come be inspired! The Restored groups will watch one short video from a six-part documentary series featuring individuals who had radical encounters with Christ and went on to make a real difference in the world. Each week will highlight one moving story of someone living as an example of Christ's perfect love for the poor, followed by time for small group sharing and processing and a short period of Centering Prayer.

Disciples on the Journey

Come dive into the Word! Disciples on the Journey groups meet weekly during Lent to discuss the upcoming Sunday’s Gospel and how it relates to and integrates with our everyday lives, while building relationships with others.

Sacred Spaces

Come bring faith home! The Sacred Spaces small groups will explore what it means to practice faith at home. Enrich your Lenten experience through home ritual, prayer, and sharing.

Dignity and the Death Penalty

Come be challenged! This small-group faith sharing experience examines Catholic teaching on the death penalty, based on the insights of Sr. Helen Prejean. Sister Helen is a leading advocate for abolition of the death penalty and for elimination of social and economic unfairness in the criminal-justice system and author of Dead Man Walking. Participants will reflect on the fairness of the criminal justice system, arguments for and against capital punishment, and alternatives to the death sentence.