Two workshops with Fr. Ray Carey, PH.D

“Philippians: The Epistle of Joy”- January 29, 2018

From a Roman prison, Paul, “in chains,” writes to his converts in the thoroughly Roman city of Philippi to thank them for their supportive gift. In his letter, Paul specifies how being “in Christ” is an enterprise of joy, even in the midst of suffering. Paul’s advice to his beloved Philippians applies to us as well, teaching us that the joy of our lives is proclaiming “Jesus Christ is Lord!”

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” The Art of Forgiveness”- January 30, 2018

Clearly in Jesus’ teaching a requirement for discipleship is to have a forgiving heart. Jesus Himself modeled his teaching from the cross. But forgiveness is really a process with specific steps toward the goal of forgiveness. In our time together, we will identify those steps of forgiveness and in the end perhaps make the idea of forgiveness less daunting.

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