Merry Christmas from Fr. Eric

Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas!

I am currently enjoying a television series about the life of Jesus of Nazareth titled, “The Chosen.” It is written and directed by Dallas Jenkins and is really well done. It centers on the human situations of Jesus, the men and women of that time, and how they struggled to understand God working in their midst. The renewal of my faith in watching this series is that my humanity and struggles are something Jesus and everyone who encountered him on earth, dealt with. One is able to use their vision and minds to imagine what it might have been like, and how God works through our humanity, even through his Son, Jesus. I think we all understand right now that all around us there are people who have forgotten that humanity has been created good, and Jesus, taking on lowly human flesh, has made humanity sacred. We see right before our eyes an increase of things that make us behave less than human. It has weighed on us in recent years, and we see people really dedicated to continue this sinful behavior. Even though I see it everyday, I am so hopeful that more people, including Christians, recall their human dignity and recapture how God has called us to treat one another. Either with people we call friends or people we find it difficult to respect.

Everyday there are more good acts in the world than evil or sinful acts. It’s just the sinful acts get all the attention while all the good works are not valued or honored. I invite everyone during this Christmas season to remember how sacred our humanity is to God. He created us as good and, yes, we all are. We can learn to make better choices in our behavior.

The Chosen has inspired me to love my humanity even more, and I hope this Christmas celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ does the same for everyone one of you. Blessings to all of you this Christmas and a Blessed New Year as well.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric.