First Down (May 6, 2018)

Dear Friends,

During the month of May, many families are ready to wind down the hectic schedule of the school year. Now is the time to go to graduations, make summer plans for the family or decide where to travel to get away from the heat. Living in the big city in Arizona finds people ready to change their routines. Growing up in Arizona I remember the city, in the summer, seeming to have less people. Parishes would really become very quiet over the summer months and it really was a great break for many people. There are a number of people who have the ability to leave the area for weeks at a time or almost every weekend.

Today, our parish still operates during the summer months, and it is a lot more than just daily or weekend Masses. Our space is still used for people to gather for prayer, support, planning outreach ministry during the summer months, even summer formation for our children and youth. The days of empty buildings during the summer are no longer here.

We are asking all parishioners to remember your parish giving during the summer months. One example is that we have over 40+ air conditioning units operating during the summer, and you know that just keeping up with one or two in your homes is an expensive project. People who gather do have the expectation that our air conditioning units will be running, that our buildings are safe and welcoming for all that we do.

Please consider giving automatically during the months that you are away for rest and a break from the heat. Your gift helps us meet this important demand on our resources. To give only when one comes to a particular Mass will not help us be of service to the whole community.

Please contact the Parish Office to sign up for automatic giving. As Pastor, I am always grateful to those who give to the parish. Without such commitments from our people we could not accomplish what we already do.

We pray for each other that what God has blessed us with in resources, will be returned to Him with grateful hearts.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric