First Down (May 20, 2018)

Dear Friends,

Recently our parish hosted a celebration for all who minister to the parish community and also to the greater community. This was a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge that God is working through the baptized people living their faith. We had over 400 people gather for dinner and great conversation. The food was delicious, the weather was nice and people were not in a rush to eat and dash, they stayed and enjoyed time together.

There is something that amazes me about this community: The gratitude by parishioners expressed for the parish leadership hosting an evening and acknowledging the work put into the evening. There were parishioners who come up to me personally to say thank you and others approached our staff members to say thank you for the event. Every time we offer something good to parishioners we also receive cards and notes expressing gratitude for the effort put into the event whether fun, formation or prayer.

As Pastor this means so much to me personally. Life is so busy that there are times when people forget to express simple thanks for something good that they experienced or received. Some people just expect things to be done and the opportunity to make others aware that something wonderful was received. And others can simply grumble about everything.

So I wanted to express my pride and joy to the many parishioners over the many years that have made it an important part of their lives to simply express gratitude for what they have received. And there are many of you who have done this many times. It inspires me and the staff leadership to continue to work hard to do many good things for our grateful parishioners.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric