First Down – March 12, 2017

Dear Friends,

The season of Lent is inviting all of us to make some changes in our lives. For some of us change can be very uncomfortable. We like our routines and we desire to have certain things remain the same. The life of a Christian is really a call to change. Change our minds, our attitudes, our routines and our need to control everything about our lives. These 40 days can be very helpful to those of us who are uncomfortable making changes or commitments. Life always surprises us when we try new things and over time, the new things become less strange and we are open to a new way of living.

How about a change of leaving behind the noise, busyness, and our preoccupation with daily routine and during this Lent come to the church for one hour of praise, prayer and silence? This could be a wonderful change that many of us really need. Move beyond giving up chocolate for Lent and join me for In Presenza Di, on Mondays at 7pm for one hour a week for simple prayer and silence in the presence of the Lord, through the Blessed Sacrament? Many of us crave some silence and peace. All one needs to do is start the car and drive to the church and be still with God. This change will give us new insights into our daily lives. I hope to see you there.

Speaking of changes there are a couple of changes on our parish staff. Cathy Olds has been our Social Justice/Outreach person this year and she has decided it is time to retire. She has served the Church for many years and we wish her well on her retirement. Cathy will remain with us until the new fiscal year.

We bid farewell to Dan Minton, Coordinator of Stewardship. He has received a great offer from a private company. Even though we are sad to see him go we are excited for his future. This is a great opportunity for him. We thank Cathy and Dan for their service to this community.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric