First Down (July 30, 2017)

Dear Friends,

Our Ministers of Hospitality are ready to offer a spirit of welcome and are also available to help with special situations that may arise.

Our parish has always offered low-gluten hosts for those who cannot take the regular hosts that we use. As one walks into the sanctuary and are greeted by our hospitality ministers, please inform them of your need for a low-gluten host. They will let our Sacristan know, and a host will be placed on a special paten at the altar at the time of consecration. Please let the minister know where you are seated so that our Sacristan may direct you where to go for

communion. If you come regularly to Mass, after a while one will know the routine and the process becomes simpler. If for some reason the process is confusing or frustrating, please contact us at the Parish Office so that we can be made aware of any concerns and do what we can to help.

Secondly, there are special listening devices for the hearing-impaired that can be used by those attending Mass. Again, one can ask the Minister of Hospitality to get the listening device for you.

I want to thank all the parishioners who offer their service by driving our golf carts each Sunday, offering rides for those who need assistance or park next door. This becomes an important outreach to those who can no longer walk a good distance and it encourages those who may feel they can no longer come to Mass. As the fall season is about to begin, there might be more parishioners who would like to give of their time to drive the golf carts. We hear all the time from our drivers how much they enjoy serving the people who come to Mass.

For those who come to Mass on Sunday mornings, we are so grateful to those in our Coffee Ministry who arrive each Sunday to make sure the coffee will be served and extra goodies are available for people to munch on. Their dedication is important to the parish. And to the Knights of Columbus who offer donuts each Sunday. It is a huge commitment. They know that if they ever stopped serving donuts all our hungry kids would cry!!! Need to keep the kids and parents happy who look for a nice treat after Mass! Thanks to the Knights for their service.

These are just some of the many ways we seek to offer a welcoming spirit to those who gather in community. We express our gratitude to those who serve and we want those who have special needs to know we are here to support them.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric