First Down with Fr. Eric (September 5, 2021)

Dear Friends,

All Christians can be familiar with the term, “service for others.” Jesus often speaks of offering oneself for the service of God’s people. To be great in the Kingdom of God is to place oneself at the service of others. Keeping this in mind, we Christians can see our work as placing our lives at the service of others. To have a healthy outlook on our work, our profession, our vocation, is to know there is value to others in what we offer.

There are times when our work, our jobs, can be stressful, not fulfilling, maybe only seeing it as a means to pay bills or care for our families. Over a lifetime we might have experienced such emotions or outlook. We might need a renewal in our outlook of serving others in our jobs. We might need to recall the value we can bring to others. We might even need to pray for courage to think that maybe changing jobs could be the path to find fulfillment in what can bring us joy. Whatever you and I bring to the table to serve others is blessed by God. Even if we are tired, bored, feeling lost, overwhelmed or not valued, God knows our hearts. He sees everything we do, and he is ready to bless what we do to serve others.

Today we celebrate Labor Day, an opportunity for Christians to reflect on our work and to know that God blesses our work that we offer for others. I pray that we can know the blessings of God in our daily work. Blessings on this Labor Day.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric