First Down with Fr. Eric (September 12, 2021)

Dear Friends,

I want to invite more parishioners to follow St. Patrick on Instagram. One can begin to follow us through @stpatrickscottsdale. Our Parish Instagram has daily Bible verses, inspirational messages, photos of events at the parish and throughout the community, Fr. Eric’s homily highlights and other items to keep our followers connected to our parish family. Next Sunday we will invite parishioners to get on their phones before Mass begins and connect to our parish Instagram account.

This Sunday we have commissioned our parishioners to be disciples who go out into the world and serve God’s people. The Gospel of St. Mark, the main Gospel we hear during this current liturgical year, uses the sandal as a metaphor for discipleship. We have invited parishioners to bring or wear their sandals, or their work shoes, or shoes they use to serve others. We are blessing the sandals/shoes after the homily to commission all parishioners to go into a world where it is most in need of God’s mercy and love. Many church studies state that churches/parishes that concern themselves with people outside the building are ones that are alive and grow. It’s hard work, yet we are reminded that Christian Disciples are servants of all. This Sunday’s blessings give encouragement, grace and strength to deal with many challenges that people find in their lives.

Today’s homily can be seen on our online Mass (our YouTube channel, Facebook or website) and the homily gives more details of the significance of the sandal and the mission of disciples. Those who watch the Mass online may also hold their sandals/shoes as we bless them during our online Mass. May God bless the feet of those who bring the Good News.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric