First Down with Fr. Eric (October 3, 2021)

Dear Friends,

The gift of our Catholic faith is having many great writings from the past Popes from the last century until the present time. In my lifetime, from Pope John XXIII to Pope Francis, one finds many writings on the sacredness of human life. Each Pope has clearly written about the protection of life at all stages. Each Pope has the understanding that Christians are to open their hearts to the Gospel of Life, and it widens our hearts to include many life issues.
Every Sunday the Gospel of Life is preached. Every Gospel demands that our behavior is the way we show our faith and give witness to the world. Love of neighbor is what Jesus calls the heart of all commandments.

The month of October for Catholics is Respect Life Month. It is the call for the Church to closely reflect on how we are respecting all life and how our behavior reflects that. Our preaching will remain the same, as every homily is the Gospel of Life. We will be adding another layer in our actions. Each Sunday in October we will have video testimony from parishioners making a difference, as they live the Gospel of life in various different issues. We will show those after each homily.

We also will have a resource page on our website,, on the different issues of life. Also, on what we call a “white paper report,” it will give great teaching and information for us to understand even more what our faith teaches about how we serve and protect human life.
Here is what all the Popes, the Bishops Conference website, and the teaching of our Catholic faith say, “we protect all life from the moment of conception to natural death.” So life issues are more than one issue, yet we can be passionate about one issue without forgetting that all life matters to God.
My preaching will not change for the month of October, it will continue to be the same, the Gospel of Life and how our behavior serves all humanity.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric