First Down with Fr. Eric (October 27, 2019)

Dear Friends,

This Sunday marks another “Name Tag Sunday” for our parish. It amazes me how many parishioners take the time to stop by one of the tables to write their names and place the tag on themselves. One only needs to see the entire assembly on such a Sunday to see the vast majority of people have a name tag.

This simple act speaks volumes to the importance of community life for disciples of Jesus Christ. In our world we are seeing a serious breakdown in the need for community, flesh and blood, and a willingness to enter into all that humanity entails. Some use technology to replace the real “flesh and blood” work that relationships and community living require.

A disciple chooses to journey with others in daily life. The small sacrifice of time that it takes to make a name tag shows a powerful willingness to see community life as important. Much of that work happens in the pews, before and after Mass. We have also witnessed the many times parishioners come to the aid of others when something unexpected happens, such as the need to call medical personnel, a car won’t start, and even during storms when trees fall on a vehicle. These are all acts of caring for each other.

I wanted to affirm everyone who chooses to participate in Name Tag Sunday. It is a great witness that community is still necessary and vital in this age of technology.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric