First Down with Fr. Eric (October 17, 2021)

Dear Friends,

The month of October is Respect Life Month for our Catholic faith. Every Sunday we listen to the Gospel of Life, and the homilies remind us of what the Gospels say, that our behavior gives witness to Jesus Christ.

We invite all parishioners to view our webpage life. It is filled with information about the teachings of what respect life means to our faith, a view of the different life issues and information on each issue. There is a Resource Report that gives important information of quotes, teachings and writings on Life Issues in our Catholic faith. What is asked is Prayer, Reflection and Action in whichever issue one wishes to explore. From the moment of conception until the last natural breath, we respect, protect and value all human life.

Each Sunday we have a video to present at Mass after the homily that highlights one of the many life ministries at St. Patrick. Whether you are at Mass in person, or want to view the Mass online, one can see the video. Also, the videos will be sent out on our weekly email Connection. It is the best way for every parishioner to receive the latest information from the parish. When one opens their parish email they are kept up to date with the most current and accurate information about St. Patrick. Without it one can be unaware of important news about what the parish is doing and how we are supporting people during these challenging times. Sign up on our parish website for the weekly email Connection or call the Parish Office to have your name and email address added to the list.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric