First Down with Fr. Eric (November 7, 2021)

Dear Friends,

Most of us are familiar with the healing that Jesus does in the Gospels. Men and women are healed of physical ailments such as blindness, leprosy, paralyzed limbs, deafness and bodily illnesses. The thing about physical healing is that one can see the results of the healing. Right before our eyes, we can determine that one is healed, the illness and physical pain is gone. Over the course of time, humanity has become good at dealing with physical human illnesses.

There is another part of the human body that needs healing, but for some reason we have lagged behind in learning how to heal the human mind. One can hide the effects of mental pain. Since it is not easily visible it can be ignored, not believing there is a problem, or thinking only certain people who are lacking something are the ones who need help or seek professional help. God wants to heal the whole person and that includes the human mind.

The pandemic has created a very serious crisis for many people, the need for mental health and care. We have been challenged like never before. The level of anxiety, stress, the lack of control, the uncertainty in daily life, has taken a toll on many people. We are seeing people acting out in unhealthy ways. The Church cares about the mental health of its people.

We have asked a parishioner who is a professional in the mental health profession to come speak to us at all our Masses this weekend on this topic. Jill McMahon has spoken to our teens, parents, and parishioners through online presentations and talks to different groups. She will give us some great information on how we can get through these difficult times or help others who might need some support from us.

St. Patrick has long provided groups, support and resources in the parish or in the greater community that provide mental health support for everyone. We hope this talk will help, so everyone will know the parish is offering information on this topic over the next few months. Her talk can be seen on our online Mass so you can listen to it again, or share with others. It is difficult to see mental healing happen, but it does. It is because God wants to heal the entire human body.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric