First Down with Fr. Eric ( November 28, 2021)

Dear Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Advent! We are entering into a special time of year. We have a day where we can give thanks to God joined by many people throughout the country. Whether people gathered together for food and conversation, or just took time to give thanks, it is pleasing to God that we reflected on what we are grateful about. We Catholics have been giving thanks to God for a long time. The word “eucharist” in Greek means giving thanks so whenever we gather together at the table of the Lord, we express gratitude.

This Sunday marks the beginning of a new liturgical year with the season of Advent. A time of rejoicing and remembering that our Savior has come and he will come again. The main Gospel this year will be from Luke, a favorite gospel of mine. There is a theme of lots of eating! Nine stories of Jesus eating with people. Jesus being recognized eating with many people after his resurrection. These eating stories recall a time when people who shared a meal shared a bond of being family. No longer strangers, but brothers and sisters.

As we RISE to begin another new year, I think the Gospel of Luke is the perfect one to bring people back to the table. A table of gratitude, a table that reminds us we are all part of the family. A table that nourishes us to go out into the world and bring healing and peace.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Advent!

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric