First Down with Fr. Eric (November 21, 2021)

Dear Friends,

Every November we celebrate Stewardship/Commitment Sunday for our parishioners. It is a wonderful reminder that the parish community takes responsibility for forming disciples of Jesus Christ and offering one’s resources and personal gifts to serve the Lord and his people.

The weekend of November 20-21 we will be reintroducing our Offertory Baskets at the altar area. Most of us might be familiar with the practice of having parishioners come forth with their gifts and place them in the basket.

Three things people can bring with them to offer to the Lord. It can be a financial gift that helps meet our expenses. When one already gives financially online, there are two more things to offer the Lord. A card that one writes on by placing their prayer requests and/or what one has prayed about during the week. The other can be writing acts of service from the past week, things we did to serve the Lord and others. It really calls on everyone to reflect on what we can bring to the Lord. It is more than money that one brings: their hearts of love and service matter to God as well. Each Wednesday our Parish Staff prays over the financial envelopes, cards of prayers and cards of service asking the Lord to bless everyone who shared with the community.

To love the Lord with one’s whole heart, mind, soul and strength is much more than giving money: it is offering all we are to the Lord, and the community honors that by allowing the whole community to witness that we come forward to the altar and place our gifts.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric