First Down with Fr. Eric (May 30, 2021)

Dear Friends,

We recently heard from the Hospital Chaplains from Honor Health at Shea and Thompson Peak, and we began a discussion about having our Ministers of Care return to bringing Communion to patients. There will be some new procedures to consider in returning, and we will need to work with the hospitals on how that may work.

In the meantime, we will be contacting Ministers of Care on our roster to see if they would be willing to return to the ministry. Two things we are asking at this time is that ministers be vaccinated, and secondly, to be sure the Safe Environment Training be completed. We will have our own training on visiting patients in our hospitals. The goal will be to have the hospital coverage up and running before moving into the area of visiting health care facilities, and eventually, homebound visits. This will take some time.

Some people may be ready to return to this ministry, while there are still people not ready to return for a number of reasons.

I told my staff at the beginning of this pandemic that we will need to start from scratch to rebuild our ministries. It will take some patience, but we will be moving forward. We are also open to any new people who may be willing to come forward and visit the sick in this important ministry. Please contact us for more information.

Peace in Christ,
Fr. Eric