First Down with Fr. Eric (May 23, 2021)

Dear Friends,

Ten years ago our Parish Leadership made the decision to hire a Parish Nurse. I really was not sure exactly how this position would develop. We hired Sandy Meyers and she thought she could give two years. The time she served us grew into ten years. She has decided it is time to retire from her position, but she will still be with us in the parish and be involved with the mental health formation and grief support.

Sandy has been a great resource as a nurse for our community. She has developed a strong Mental Health formation program where many people from across the Valley come to St. Patrick to attend sessions on how the Church community can support and learn more about Mental Health issues. Sandy also worked with our grief support group and was in contact with other grief support organizations to offer resources to those in need.

Sandy guided our staff and parish to be sure we made good decisions for the good health of all, and she has been a great resource for us in offering, through her research, the most accurate information in dealing with COVID.

Not every parish can have, or chooses to have, a Parish Nurse, but I have come to believe the position is so vital to the Church to not only care for the spiritual needs of people, but also the physical and mental health of everyone.

We say thank you to Sandy Meyers and we are grateful that she can still be a resource we can call upon when we need support and direction.

Peace in Christ,
Fr. Eric