First Down with Fr. Eric (May 22, 2022)

Dear Friends,

Both the Old Testament and the New Testament give us an insight into how God deals with the most vulnerable. We are told they are most important and the community is called to protect and care for those who need support in living their lives.

During COVID, the Christian communities were called to care for the most vulnerable who were dealing with health issues, and there were many instances where Christians responded in Christ-like ways. St. Patrick strives to protect and care for the most vulnerable. One way was to offer Sunday Communion to parishioners who wanted to receive Communion, but felt they could not be part of a large gathering. For many months we received many responses of thanks from parishioners who were most grateful for thinking of them. It was our honor. I want to acknowledge the staff members who extended themselves to be present and oversee the Sunday Communion. I am so grateful for their service.

Now that our Ministry of Care is visiting the homebound with prayers and Communion, our last day offering Sunday Communion was May 15. Anyone who is in serious need and would like to have Communion brought to them may call the Parish Office and request a Minister of Care to visit them.

We are also calling on parishioners to consider being trained as a Minister of Care to bring Communion to the sick. The gratitude of the people towards those who bring Communion is amazing and humbling. The need is great, and our baptismal call gives us credential to minister to the sick. Please consider being part of this ministry and call the office and ask for Brian Cannon, our staff member who oversees the Ministry of Care, to find out what is involved in this great ministry.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric