First Down with Fr. Eric (March 13, 2022)

Dear Friends,

St. Patrick is currently underway with what are called “listening sessions.” Pope Francis has called on every Diocese and Parish to conduct some type of way to allow people to be heard. He has asked Church leadership to be willing to hear the thoughts, joys and concerns from the people. A word that describes this process is called “synod,” a word that comes from the Greek meaning same path, direction.

Pope Francis has constantly reminded everyone that listening to one another is important.

St. Patrick has a long history with offering listening sessions and we continue doing so now. The Pope wants to hear what adults, youth and even children have to say. He believes the Holy Spirit works in everyone and to listen is important.

I hope as many people, not just parishioners will want to be heard. We have offered a total of 158 session possibilities right now consisting of a facilitator and up to eight people being part of the group. Participating both in person and online is available. Not only are we asked to share, but we are also asked to listen to others.

Please know your Pastor wants to hear what is important to you. The information will be forwarded to the Diocese and then to Rome for their report. More importantly the Parish Leadership wants to listen and learn what needs to be done in the future for God’s people. One can go on the parish website, for all the information.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric