First Down with Fr. Eric (June 6, 2021)

Dear Friends,

Starting today, Sunday, June 6, we will have our 10:30 am Mass livestreamed. Our Sunday email with one click to see our Sunday Mass will continue, but will be sent out later. The Sunday Mass can still be seen on our YouTube Channel, Facebook page and on our Parish Website. It is time for people to begin to have a fuller experience of our Mass by livestream. This is the Mass that will be livestreamed every Sunday from now on. It is important that we continue to stay connected to everyone who can not come to Mass on campus.

St. Joseph Catholic Church in Phoenix contacted me (Fr. Reggie) and asked us if we could help them in finishing their new building. We might remember that their church caught on fire and was destroyed. They needed some extra funds to finish off some work before they moved into their new space. Our parish sets aside $25,000 a month for a “rainy day fund.” Our Parish Finance Council voted to donate to St. Joseph Parish one month’s rainy day amount to support them. A great reminder for us that stewardship is not just practiced with our surplus, but also giving from our daily gifts. We are honored to help our neighboring parish.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric