First Down with Fr. Eric (June 19, 2022)

Happy Father’s Day,
At all our Masses this weekend we will honor Fathers, Stepfathers, Guardians and men who are father figures towards others.
I witnessed men who make the sacrifice of their time for their sons and daughters in sports and other activities in school and outside programs. I have been a witness to men who are husbands who love their spouses, family members, and extended families.
As I reflect on my younger years, I had two male teachers, one in 4th and 5th grades, and the other in 6th grade. The modeling of values, listening to me, encouraging me, was something I appreciate more now than back then. I did not realize the blessing it was to have men in such positions that were a positive influence on me and others. The vocation of Fatherhood and modeling masculine love is a challenging one. It is not always easy. Yet when it is modeled well, it touches many lives. I am grateful to Brian Cannon and Mike Kar who were willing to share at the Sunday Masses with their reflection on Fatherhood. Offering their day to share with parishioners is a blessing for us. One can see the 10:30 am Mass on demand on our Parish YouTube channel and see Brian Cannon’s talk for Father’s Day.
One more thought to share with you. We have vulnerable people, and those who live with vulnerable people, due to health concerns. We are seeing a rise in COVID numbers, and it is just a reminder that people should take good precautions that are best for them. It is also a reminder for others to be aware that fellow parishioners and others need to be careful as well. Let us be sure we watch out for one another.
Peace in Christ,
Fr. Eric