First Down with Fr. Eric (July 25, 2021)

Dear Friends,

Statistics tell us that there is still a significant number of people who use Facebook for their social media. St. Patrick has a good number of followers on our Facebook account.

I am very grateful to the staff members who have helped with our weekday 3 o’clock prayer on Facebook. It is a wonderful opportunity to take a brief moment in our day to stop, reflect and pray together. Each staff person brings in great insights into our spirituality, the scriptures, prayer, devotions and personal stories. I would invite parishioners to know they can join in at 3:00 pm every weekday, or view the prayer at any time after 3:00 pm.

YouTube is a well known app and St. Patrick has its own channel on YouTube to which you can subscribe. Our Sunday Mass, videos from St. Patrick Studio guest speakers, and formation videos are some of the options to view.

We will be inviting parishioners to sign-up for our Instagram account for updates on parish happenings, spiritual insights, homily highlights and lots of pictures of what is going on at the parish. You can go on our parish website and click the Instagram icon to use your Instagram account to view St. Patrick social media.

Our Parish Website will be getting a much-needed update and new look this fall. Our staff members have been working with a website and social media company to update our website so that it will be more effective on phones and other devices.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric