First Down with Fr. Eric (July 18, 2021)

Dear Friends,

March, 2020 found St. Patrick and many other churches scrambling to have the Mass online for people to view. Our “tech team” worked very hard for many months to have the Mass available online. We used two iPhones and a lot of hours making the Mass a prayerful and inviting production. It was not easy work behind the scenes, yet the beauty is people could simply engage with the Mass without thinking of all that went into providing it to everyone.

We now have great equipment, with more on the way to update our projectors, screens and other technical offerings. We can now provide even better quality to our live streams.

We were so honored to have the Prison Ministry at the Diocese ask us to provide on DVD our Sunday Masses to the prisons throughout the Valley. Since they could not be visited, many in prison prayed the Mass with our community. They have now reopened the prisons for visits from clergy, so there is no longer a need to provide this service to the prisons.

Prior to this pandemic, I would visit the prison to celebrate the sacraments with them. It was so humbling to be invited into their place, to be accepted with great humility as they strived to know that God was with them even in their most difficult moments. The Mass, the sacraments meant everything to them and many never took it for granted. So I am grateful that we could use our blessings to share with our brothers and sisters in prison. I pray that our messages over the past 18 months provided them comfort, assurances of God’s grace, and to know they are important to the entire Body of Christ.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric