First Down with Fr. Eric (February 9, 2020)

Dear Friends,

The beauty of our Catholic faith is that parents bring their children to learn about Jesus and how to live out their faith, either through Mass, formation or family activities. There is something in parents that tugs at their hearts that their children need a foundation for good values and knowing God loves them.

Anyone in parish formation ministry knows that not only do children need to learn, it is also the parents who need ongoing formation as well. The great mystery of sharing our faith is children are many times the ones who bring their parents back into living our faith. Those darn children bring us back time and time again. What a joy. Yesterday, to help parents and other family members, we offered a half day of Formation. We hold this annually and call it Home Field Advantage. It’s the advantage we need to know God is walking with us in our life journey.

Discipleship is planting the seed, and God does the growing in our hearts. We had another great turnout for our Formation event. Topics are chosen that can help all family members live out their faith in real ways.

We have podcasts available of our talks for everyone to listen to. Please go to our parish website and listen to the different talks. Grounded in Prayer and Mission is our theme, how do busy people make this happen? I think we all are busy and could use some guidance on how to make room for God, Formation and Community in our lives. Please enjoy our podcasts.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric

Our children do this many times, what a joy!