First Down with Fr. Eric (August 8, 2021)

Dear Friends,

This summer as families approach me after Mass, they inform me that one or more of their children are preparing to head off to college this fall. What feelings go through the family members when one of their own is ready to move out of the house and begin a journey of moving away from the everyday presence of other family members. We are so blessed in our community and area to have our young people be able to attend some great learning institutions across this land.

We are so hopeful this year as schools begin to regather their students onto their campuses. As the college students leave for school soon, please feel free to ask for a blessing from me after the Masses. We offer a school blessing every year and some college students might leave early or have already left for school. We ask God to bless all our students, instructors, and all who work in a school setting for this coming school year.

In August we will have a school year blessing at all our Masses and we ask for protection for everyone in the school setting.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric