First Down with Fr. Eric (August 29, 2021)

Dear Friends,

For the year 2021, our Catholic faith has been hearing mainly from the Gospel of St. Mark. Mark is the earliest written Gospel and the shortest. Jesus is making his way towards the city of Jerusalem where he will meet his destiny, the cross. Those who follow Jesus are to follow him to meet our destiny, the cross, which leads to resurrection.

In Mark’s Gospel, sandals are used as a metaphor for discipleship. He sends the disciples out by two’s to bring the Good News to the world.

We are Christian Disciples in Mission and we are planning a special commissioning of all Disciples the weekend of September 11-12 at all our Masses. We are asking parishioners to bring their sandals, work shoes, shoes they use to do ministry out in the world. We will talk about our sandals and how disciples live the Gospel in the world. We will bless all sandals, work shoes, shoes we minister in, at our Masses to commission us for another year of ministry into the world. No doubt our ministry is needed in our world today, and we look forward to blessing everyone’s shoes to minister to others.

SUNDAY COMMUNION – with COVID numbers rising again and some parishioners who are vulnerable or have vulnerable people in their lives, we will CONTINUE SUNDAY COMMUNION for the time being. Every Sunday, 9:15-10:15 am in our Daily Mass Chapel, we will offer communion. Parishioners can follow the signs to the Chapel, receive communion and even pray before returning home. We encourage you to watch our Sunday Mass later on that day to pray with the community online. We are offering this for people who still are not ready to be in large crowds at this time.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric