First Down with Fr. Eric (August 15, 2021)

Dear Friends,

One of the greatest testimonies to community faith lived out is when parishioners see a need of another person in the pews and they respond. I have heard countless stories of how parishioners have taken it upon themselves to offer friendship and welcome to others or how they met an emergency situation with car trouble or assisting the family when the paramedics are called. Friendships grow by checking on others, comforting people who are afraid or need support of listening. When parishioners take care of each other or simply are open to creating a safe and welcoming environment, that is exactly what faith community living should be.

During this challenging time we find ourselves in again, there is the opportunity for each parishioner to see the needs or comfort in others. For people who have children not vaccinated yet, people with vulnerable people in their lives, when people who are simply fearful of what is happening, it is amazing when parishioners go the extra step to care for one another.

Wearing a mask can be annoying for some. For others there is a willingness to be inconvenienced to help people to come to Mass safely. This is not the easiest of times for us. Yet this time has been made for Christians who care for one another. This is what we do. So the CDC has recommended in large gatherings that masks should be worn. At St. Patrick we are stating it is Highly Recommended that we wear masks out of concern for others. Please pray about discerning what we can do for others who need our extra support.

When I am in close contact with others I will wear a mask so that anyone feels they can approach me. We move forward knowing that all our lives are important to God, to our faith community and to our loved ones.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric