First Down with Fr. Eric (August 1, 2021)

Dear Friends,

The Lord and our parishioners have blessed us with an abundance of resources at St. Patrick. The giving of the people to be Christian Disciples in Mission has been ongoing even in this challenging time. In being good stewards with these gifts, we make sure that we spend with care on the things that help our Parish bring Christ into the world.

We also strive to make sure we have a reserve to help when unforeseen events come forth. There is so much equipment and building maintenance that is required to maintain and avoid being caught off guard and having to spend a large sum of money.
Being proactive and responsible is a must in being good stewards of people’s gifts.

We are also able to share our resources with those who need our support. One example is that we gave a $25,000 gift to St. Joseph Parish in Phoenix, who is building a new worship space as they recover from the fire that destroyed their former space. We have set aside for years this amount to make sure we have a resource to turn towards when unexpected things occur. We are donating one month’s savings to St. Joseph Parish to help in their need for items inside their new space.

St. Patrick also shares with other parishes, groups or organizations when a need is presented and we can support them. As we ask parishioners to be generous in their stewardship, it is important that our Parish also be generous to support others. Support is not only financial, but with spiritual, physical presence, and other resources we have to share.

We are grateful for the continuing giving from many parishioners and we look forward to more parishioners sharing generously their blessings with the Parish family to bring Christ to all people.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric