First Down with Fr. Eric (April 10, 2022)

Dear Friends,

People of all religions are good at recalling and remembering special events that have deep meaning. Christians treat this coming week like no other week. We call it Holy Week. It remembers the saving events of Jesus Christ and we are invited to enter into this week with hearts open and remembering what really matters in our lives.

Today on Passion (Palm) Sunday, we enter into the story of the triumphant entrance of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem. The Gospel of Luke, our main Gospel this year, has Jesus on the path towards Jerusalem. It is the seat of religious power and authority. Jesus is aware that offering something new will not be easily accepted by those in power. They resist change and they are willing to kill Jesus to stop his mission, which they see as dangerous. Jesus goes to Jerusalem anyway, and knows the Father in heaven has given him insight at the transfiguration that he will be victorious. Salvation has been won by Jesus through his death and resurrection. This means we do not die into emptiness, but we will live with God forever.

So we are invited to have a different routine this week. Make time for prayer, attending one of the holy day services this Thursday, Friday or Easter Sunday. We prepare to celebrate the fifty days of Easter, remembering our story that one day sin and death will have no power over us.
Blessings as we enter into the special week of remembrance.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric