First Down (August 24, 2018)

Dear Friends,

In a recent First Down, I shared with the community a reflection of having to say goodbye to some important staff members as they enter their retirement. These four women have served the people of God with their gifts: Maggie Seliga, Tricia Hoyt, Diane Gilles and Margie Heckman are women who have given their lives to serve God and to support the work of His people, the Church. Our lives have been enriched either by knowing these women personally, or seeing the fruit of their work.

The Church is filled with men and women with great gifts and we announce that we have hired three outstanding people to serve the community. We welcome John Konicek who will take on the position of Director of Adult Formation and Parish Spirituality. John brings with him a background of some of the best Catholic education that Jesuits offer and experiences in many different ministries. Our parishioners will be amazed of his knowledge, his teaching style and his forward thinking of the Church that is central to St. Patrick formation.

We welcome Brian Cannon to the position of Director of Evangelization and Family Life. Brian’s last position was with OLPH parish in Scottsdale. He and his wife Mary and their two young children bring an understanding of being a young family. Brian has the Vatican II, forward thinking that is vital to living our Catholic faith at St. Patrick. He will oversee a variety of ministries in the parish.

We welcome a familiar person back to our parish staff, Megan Popa. She served as Coordinator of our Edge Middle School program a number of years ago. She left to minister in the Dominican Republic and then ran her own food truck. Megan is a young adult who will also bring us great experience of ministry and an understanding of the needs of our young adults and families. She brings also a Vatican II forward thinking to our parish. She will be the Coordinator of Baptism, Ministry of Care and Hospitality.

We have moved Kevin McGloin to a new position of overseeing our entire Children’s/Youth Formation. Kevin is known for being the Director of Liturgy and Youth Formation. This new area will give Kevin a renewal to share his wisdom and knowledge for continuing to grow our outreach to children, youth and especially the parents.

It’s a big staff in terms of numbers. There is a lot of work happening here at St. Patrick, and with over 130+ ministries it takes a lot of hard work to keep going. Ministries outside the parish grounds into the community cannot be measured, there is so much happening. These four people mentioned here, joining with a busy staff, are people who are on the cutting edge of faith development. In time, parishioners who encounter these new staff members will understand better, the words I keep using, “forward thinking.” They join our current staff which also looks for new ways to bring Jesus into the lives of people everywhere.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric